Friday, April 1, 2011

Built for Tablets

Feed Wheel is built specifically with the tablet form factor in mind. First, I considered the physical size of the device. Second, I designed the interface and the placement of the on screen controls based on the different ways you might hold a tablet. Not just landscape and portrait mode, but also which hand you're using for primary navigation vs. which hand is choosing an action. Let's dive in!

Action Bar
Action Bar
The Action Bar is at the bottom of the screen. This just happens to be where the palms of your hands are when you're holding a tablet. These buttons are much easier to reach than if they were aligned to the top of the screen. The idea is that you can hold the tablet in the most comfortable, balanced position while still having access to most of the functionality.

Left, Right, Undecided?
Scroll wheel control can be repositioned using the hand button.
Using the hand icon in the action bar, you can swap the position of the article list and the article view. When you do this, the action bar buttons swap too. The scroll wheel is positioned along the edge of the screen in both cases, always right next to your thumb.

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